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  • Eija Hautaniemi


Broadfolio MEA FZ LLC, business consulting company, celebrates its 10th anniversary today.

In past 10 years, Broadfolio has powered opportunities and provided success by offering market entry, sales and business development services for its clients on each step of the growth and internationalization.

“I am humble by the results we have delivered and am incredibly proud of the firm that we have created. The driving force behind Broadfolio’s success is our talented team, amazing clients and partners,” said Kimmo Kytosaari, Managing Director, Broadfolio MEA. “Together, we have laid the foundation and will continue to innovate and find new ways to add value for our clients and partners not only in the Middle East markets, but also globally”.

In its first ten years, Broadfolio has grown from a start-up to a well-known market entry and business development consulting company. Today, Broadfolio helps tens of companies in the Middle East region and is the trusted partner for companies on several business verticals and for reseller partners in the consumer and the enterprise market. Thanks to extensive experience and networks of our consultants, the company has been able to provide amazing success stories from the region and will continue delivering beyond expectations.


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