Exomi Mobile Identity provides new business opportunities for network operators

Exomi Mobile Identity and easy and safe digital identification provides new business opportunities for network operators. For end users Exomi Mobile Identity gives a safer way to register and login to websites and applications.

The main benefit operators see in digital identity is not only about the transactions carried out through their networks. It is the massive incremental brand value and tight, trust-based, long-term liaison with customers that they can build by taking the role of digital identification provider.

Exomi Mobile Identity is utilizing standardized technology defined by the GSMA, Mobile Connect. The Mobile Connect service has already been adopted by more than 50 operators, Deutsche Telekom and SK Telecom among others, in approximately 30 countries worldwide and the service is thereby available to 300 million subscribers. Broadfolio MEA is also providing Exomi Mobile Identity solution to network operators in the Middle East markets.

Opportunities provided by Exomi Mobile Identity solution are explained in more details in Hugh Paterson’s article: Ditch Social Login for Mobile Login, $20 Billion Opportunity for Network Operators